Orange Village



Tuesdays and Thursdays  – 10am-12:30pm

July 9th-18th (4 classes)



Ignite your child’s imagination this summer with our exciting Art Exploration Kids Art Class! Designed specifically for budding artists ages 7-14yrs.

This immersive program is the perfect blend of fun, creativity, and exploration. 

Summary of the projects kids will be working on

In these four week classes we will explore many different areas of art making including 2D and 3D work. Your child will learn about ancient and modern techniques, and apply these to their own art making!


Batik – The process of Batik originates from Indonesia where wax is applied to a cloth and then dyed. The wax resists the dye and leaves and intricate pattern. In this process we use glue instead of wax to achieve the same effect on a usable tote bag!


Cardboard robot – We will explore different techniques in creating 3D artwork and use everyday found objects in the project to create our very own robot.


Faux stained glass – We will create our very own stained glass design to hang in the window!


Clay – Your child will learn about ancient pottery techniques and the different ways that clay can be used to make functional objects.


Watercolor – We will learn the basics of creating a transparent painting using watercolor and adding mixed media elements to the pieces we create


Ceramics – We will make a functional piece while learning different techniques that can be used on a piece of pottery.